Kathryn Pokorny Memorial Scholarship


The Kathyrn Pokorny Memorial Scholarship will be presented to two current high school seniors. One of the recipients is to be a member of the Lady Trojans Varsity Soccer Team.  The second student may be chosen from the general pool of applicants. The recipients should be well-rounded active students with a strong work ethic.  Each recipient will receive a $2000.00 scholarship.

The following criteria will be used to decide the recipients:

  1. a completed student application form
  2. a short essay
  3. two teacher recommendations or one teacher and one employer recommendation

The following weights should be used to determine the winner:

  1. acceptance to a four year academic institution
  2. minimum grade point average of 2.667
  3. participation in a number of varied activities
  4. recommendation by teachers or employer with emphasis on character and personal qualities

Our goal is to have this scholarship go to a student with a similar outlook on life to Kate's.

Kate had school spirit. She loved most of her teachers and many students, all with a variety of interests. She was involved in athletics, honor society, yearbook, and orchestra. Kate supported those students who participated in other activities. She was known for her kindness and her smile. She was pleasant, dependable, and honest. She was not always the best student nor the best athlete but she gave each endeavor a strong effort. 

Click here for Kathryn Pokorny Memorial Scholarship Application - General (PDF)

Click here for Kathryn Pokorny Memorial Scholarship Application - Soccer (PDF)

Please submit your application in PDF form to director@dunelandeducation.org or return to counseling office by
April 23, 2021.