Board of Directors

President Amy Redman
Vice President Dan Keilman
Treasurer Lukas Cohen
Secretary Alayna Lightfoot Pol

Member Joe Christian
Member Joe Day
Member Monica Conrad
Member Elissa Dortmund
Member Joan Glasser
Member Dana Huwig
Member Christy Jarka
Member Jane Larson
Member Judy Malasto
Member Cris Petro
Member Brandon Kroft
Member Barb Stroud
Member Kevin Zeck
Member Tracey Dibble


Director Colleen Grimes
Direct: 312-882-6667


The Duneland Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial resources to enhance opportunities for educational experiences for all K – 12 students of the Duneland community.

Our Mission

Throughout the year, directors and members work with Duneland educators, administrators, community members and businesses to share the story of the Foundation and to increase grant opportunities for Duneland educators.

Friends of the Board

Mike Anton
Mark Chamberlain
Carla Cohen
Allison Kroft
Nikki Jackson
Tim Rice
Mike Trout
Rhonda Day

Student Volunteers

Ryan Day
Hannah Grimes
Max Cohen
Ben Hoham
Grace Whah

Nico Kittredge
Emerson Stobbe
Ryan Herr
Adam Davis
Peter Girzadas

Charlie Skube
Gavin Dooley
Colin Campbell