The Ralph Ayres Scholarship


Bio about Ralph Ayres and purposed of scholarship

Guidelines and Selection Criteria (to be edited):

  1. Potential recipients must be a high school senior at Chesterton High School and have demonstrated academic success at Chesterton, which display an ability to succeed at their chosen post-secondary educational institution.
  2. Potential recipients must provide evidence of financial need in order to attend a higher education institution in the state of Indiana.
  3. Scholarship funds are to the used only for the payment of tuition, books, or housing while pursuing a bachelor’s degree or pursing a technical certificate from a school accredited by a regional or national organization for the relevant vocation or trade program. The Duneland Education Foundation will make payment directly to the University or School to pay these expenses.
  4. Potential recipients must provide evidence of regular part-time employment either during the school year or during a school break.
  5. Written recommendation from a school principal, administrator, coach, or teacher is required.
  6. Scholarship applicants will be vetted by the Duneland Education Foundation.
  7. A scholarship will be awarded to one student per year in the amount of $x,xxx.


Scholarship Application